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The Mother Runner

Finding the time to run can sometimes be the biggest hurtle. As a mother runner, you’re constantly pulled between getting the miles in and all the family things. While you’re on the trail, you’re thinking about the 10,000 other things you should/could be doing. But really, running is exactly where you need to be.

Mothers give so much of ourselves to others. You’re constantly making sure the house is in order, the kids are alive and the husband is happy. If something gets out of flow, you stop what you’re doing and work to put it all back together. It’s tiresome trying to maintain a career and keep a happy house. That’s why the pull of running is so double sided.

Even after a short run, you feel better. Your mind is clear, you’re focused, and you’ve worked out the negativity. You’re able to handle those screaming kids and all the dirty dishes so much better.

It’s a constant struggle of wanting to be on the other side. Eight miles in and all you want to do it turn home and go play with the kids. Or after cleaning up behind a three year old all Saturday, you just NEED a run. The struggle is real. You love them both, with different parts of you, or maybe the same part.

I’ve been working for years on not allowing one side to overtake the other. You can be a successful runner as a mother. You can also be a good mom while marathon training. It just takes a little finesse.

You’ll need to set a schedule but be flexible. You know you may never get a solid run in unless you put it on the calendar. Work from a training plan so you know exactly how much to do, each day. Give yourself some guidance so that when you can get out there, you don’t have to think about it. But when something comes up and you just can’t fit it in, don’t stress it. It’s not the end of the world. You tried your hardest but you’re just not getting it done today. And that’s okay. Better luck tomorrow!

You’ll become friendly with the treadmill. No one really loves running on the treadmill but sometimes it’s the only why it’ll happen. I basically only have a gym membership to max out those two hours of daycare so I can get a swim and run done. I’m not fast or graceful on the treadmill. I kind of have a fear of falling off. But it’s a way to get the miles in while the kids are taken care of.

You should invest in a jogger. I always tell people that my bob jogger was my favorite baby item. It’s a must-have for running moms. You’ll be tempted to go with a cheaper version but I promise, the Bob is completely worth it. I found both our single and duallie used online and they’ve been fantastic. They were also have the price of a new one. It gives you another option when you’re schedule is maxed out and you’re having trouble finding time to run. Not only are you getting the miles in, but you’re working that upper body too.

You can set running dates. We all know dating your husband can be nearly impossible but if you get a chance, drop the kids with a friend and go on a little run date. It’s the perfect way to be healthy, have fun and get some quality time in. If you’re extra lucky, swing by the neighborhood brewery before grabbing the kids.

You have to make it a priority. If you’re serious about training or just mental wellness, you’ll need to make your running a priority. You can’t feel bad about those runs you have to squeeze in here and there. You shouldn’t feel bad or guilty for putting yourself first. You need to have a clear and calm mind to handle everything else that comes your way. Don’t stress it. You just do you.

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