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Recipe Creation: Beginning with Muffins!

As a sports nutritionist and soon-to-be dietitian, I feel compelled to share some of my favorite recipes with you! Being a Pinterest-aholic myself, I've spent years searching for fun week night meals and new items to wow the family. I learned how to take a recipe and adjust it to my liking based on my own nutritional habits. I make sure recipes are nutrient dense, made from whole foods, and of course, are delicious!

As a runner, it's important to me to share recipes that can fuel those tough workouts and recipes that won't leave you so energy depleted at the end of the day. Food is fuel but it can also be decadent.

As a plant-based athlete, I strive to fill my recipes with plant based ingredients or alternatives when needed. Plant-based means basing food off plants. It doesn't have to be 100% vegan or incredibly strict. We are all individuals with different dietary needs. What feels good for your training partner may not be what makes you feel best. So have fun, experiment, and see what fuels you best.

I'll start recipe sharing with a beautiful vegan oat muffin! It's a perfect pre-run snack or post-run recovery. It has extra protein from the use of oats, rather than flour and adds healthy fats with the use of flaxseed rather than eggs.

Give this one a try with the kids after your Saturday morning run! It's certainly a crowd pleaser!

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