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Officially RDN Certified!!

Allow me to introduce you to Lauren White Davis, MS, RDN! This week I officially passed my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist certification exam. I thrilled to be able to open the remaining of my practice, offering you all with individualized nutrition guidance and counseling.

This certification started as a love for running and an idea to become a veterinarian. After years of working full time and going to school in the evenings while the baby was with the hubs, I decided to transition my path into the fitness and nutrition world. While on a Saturday morning run, my training partner (who is always my biggest supporter and encourager) suggested I apply to graduate school for nutrition. I didn't even want to because I didn't think I would get accepted.

But at this point, I really had nothing to lose and I wondered what would happen if I went for it. Fast forward a few months later and I uprooted the family, moved to Connecticut without having ever visited and was in full time graduate school. Two years later we escaped the NYC COVID surge and quickly moved our family back down south. Quarantine put me finishing graduate school online and completing virtual internship.

After a year that was hectic on everyone in the country, we finally pulled through. And now, after months of studying, I can officially say I am a REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRISITONIST! Yet again, I couldn't even comprehend a passing grade on the exam but it certainly happened!

We might think these things are impossible. We might think life is too busy, too stressful, and too hectic. But we fight the odds, we get our work done, and we make BIG things happen.

Don't ever feel like it's impossible. Have faith in yourself and just freakin go for it!

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