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It’s the fall (training) season

Fall didn’t stop and running certainly doesn’t need to either. This time of year is typically when training steps up for most runners. They’re really starting to amp up their fall miles to work towards a half marathon or marathon. But with no races this year, what’s going on?

You can still run! The summer heat is still slowly heading out and leaves are starting to fall. It looks like fall and is starting to feel like fall and this means running is just going to get better. It’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing with your running. Yes, spring and summer races went away and there’s really nothing on the schedule except virtual events. So what!

Trust me when I say, it’s going to feel amazing to get out there. Building the mileage will spread a little light on your week and will get you feeling stronger and excited for the months to come. Go ahead and get together with some running friends and give yourselves a goal. Maybe you want to do a family Turkey Trot or your own mistletoe half marathon. Maybe you’re ready to do a couch to 5k and sign up for one of those random virtual races.

We need this so much right now, guys. We need fresh air, we need new starts, and new goals. We need to show ourselves that we have STRENGTH left that's ready to come out and do the damn thing. 2020 has knocked us around enough. Let's go ahead and take it back.

So whatever you choose to do, just pick something and start moving!

Here are a few tips on how to really enjoy the season and the running:

- Check out new places! Find a local greenway or trail that you’ve been wanting to see. Get out in the woods or off the beaten path. The change of scenery will awaken your soul a little and leave you feeling refreshed.

- Purchase some new kicks. If you’re getting a fresh start on your running, go ahead and get a fresh start on some shoes too. If you’re prone to post-run aches and pains, this is definitely a place to start. New shoes can make all the difference!

- Think light layers. You may wake up and see 50 degrees soon! Crazy or what after such a long summer? Put on a performance tank or tee and layer it up with a long sleeve or light jacket if needed. As you start moving, you’ll get warmer and will want to shed some layers for sure.

- Team up! From months of quarantining or settling into our little people pods, we might feel like need for some more human connection. Find a safe running group or running buddy for your weekday runs. It’ll make the miles go by some much quicker and you may even find yourself enjoying it. 😊

- Setting the goal. When you decide what you’re working for, make a plan on how you’re getting there. If you want to do a virtual half marathon, when are you doing it? Anyone doing it with you? Find a fun spot, a buddy, and set a plan. Reach out to an experienced runner or coach to get some help laying out your weekly plan.

Most importantly, enjoy the miles! Life has been way to crazy to not appreciate this season of change. We need the fresh air and good vibes of fall! We need to work that energy out of our bodies and feel satisfied at the end of the day. So let’s run, embrace the cool air, and take in all the world has to show us.

Love & Cheers!


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