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Get ready for some magic.

We're here to run but we're also here to find MORE out of life. We're taking the first steps to more. 

More happiness, more health, and more vibrancy on the daily. 

We'll have twelve weeks together. During this time, we'll meet weekly to learn the how-to's for running. 

We'll go over gear, recommendations, pace, cadence, distances, and how to get moving. 

We'll also go over mindset and just how to allow running to impact everything else in life. 

I'll be giving you weekly notes to take with you, weekly running, strength training, and stretching recommendations. 

We'll have a private online community where we'll connect on the regular to lift each other up, share our struggles, and share our successes. 

You'll get everything you need, including all the support, to feel more confident in life and running.

You'll notice more mental clarity, more energy, and more alignment. 

Once you start, you won't want to stop. 

Let's get ready to go, ladies!

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